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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ducktours Red Tape

Lee Hsien Loong said in his 2004 National Day Rally:
These are the Duck and Hippo Tours. You know what's a Duck Tour? It's a boat with wheels where you take a ride, you go into the harbour, you sail around, you come back. The Duck took two years to get a licence -- nearly died. Very difficult because they went to the LTA (Land Transport Authority). LTA says, "Your duck has a propeller, how can it be a car?" They went to the MPA (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore). MPA says, "Your duck has wheels!" So, ding-dong, it took two years. Eventually, we sorted the problem. The Duck became a success. So, came the Hippo. The Hippo is a bus with no top, okay? So, you sit on top, you drive around. It's just like in London or one of the other Western cities. Question -- Is the Hippo a bus? A very important question because if it is not a bus, it is not allowed to stop at a bus-stop. So, that one we did better. Six months, we solved the problem. I think we have to do better than that.

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